my name is Paolo Innocenti, born in Pistoia where I live and work.

Pistoia small town of Tuscany region, part of the metropolitan area of Florence.

Anyone who knows me, knows that my name is the first name is Paolo and surname is Innocenti. 

That was until July 18, 2014. Fact from 19 July 2014, I decided to support the paternal surname Innocenti, the mother of Crescitelli. 

The reasons for this are listed below.


The first reason is because I realized that in my work (I work in health care - "early defibrillation") there are many people who call themselves Paolo Innocenti and I am often confused with others of the same name. This bothers me because I want to be acknowledged without equivocation, I want take my responsibilities without having to be mistaken for the person who does not is, whether in the good that in the bad.


The second reason is linked to my parents because I'm very attached to their and I do not understand why I have to hide the name of my mother, who, however, is famous for being a relative of a saint. Yes that's right, the Santo Padre Alberico Crescitelli - Christian martyr of the late nineteenth century was a fellow citizen and direct relative of my mother, both born and raised in Altavilla Irpinia (AV). 

But I write to be the son of art, even on the part of father who is one of the largest technical contemporaries, with assets of different inventions. 

The most important one, the one that made him famous, is the emergency device for elevators without help who in a totally autonomous, reports the cabin immediately upstairs in the event of a power outage. 

But for Giancarlo Innocenti is not the only invention that saw him as a genie. 


A curiosity: Giancarlo Innocenti looks a lot like Dr. Nefario the eccentric inventor in the cartoon Despicable Me.


Finally, the third reason is related to a change in my status vivendi. 

I'm a fan of Biorhythms and how you can learn from reading the above link, the life of a person's biorhythm lasts 58 years and 68 days. So a person can have a maximum of 2 lives biorhythm, very few cases in which we could start a third life biorhythm. 

My first life biorhythm is ceased at midnight of the July 18, 2014 and at that precise moment all three biorhythm cycles found themselves in the same situation of my actual birth. 

I must admit that I am not a person easily influenced by various beliefs, because I am conscious of what will be my life - maybe one day I'll explain this better - but I confess that the prelude to this day has been marked by a series of  incredible illnesses and real , as well as with the approach of my "rebirth" I had the incredible stomach pains. In a joking way I can admit to having given birth myself. In fact, from this critical date, all the pains soon ceased as if by magic. 

Therefore you can understand the desire to start my "second life" with a new spirit. A new Paolo both at work and in private life. If you continue to read, you can know me better also in terms of working and creative.