High School in Accounting and Technical Commercial.



Filippo Pacini Institute - Pistoia

Master's degree: Technician specializing in Corporate Management Procedures. 



Software most used


Graduate School of the Tuscany Region




Word, Excel, Publisher, Corel Draw, Final Cut, Power Point, AVS4YOU.


Participation on the first course organized by the Emergency Medical Services PA Croce Verde of Pistoia. 


Qualification: Rescuer


Topics: respiratory and cardiovascular emergencies; Bleeding, burns and shock; Traumatology of urgency; Road accidents and on the job; Myocardial infarction, acute pulmonary edema, stroke, blood glucose crisis, allergies, asthma, and acute renal failure; the sudden birth; drowning, electrocution, suffocation, fainting, gas poisoning, drugs, and chemicals; in overdose emergencies; BLS manikin; practical tests simulated.


Rescuer BLSD



American Heart Association 

Place of the course: Rome 

Territoriality: Italy 

Sponsor: Cardiac Science Corporation


Advanced course in English 





Intermediate course in Russian 




French Course 




Spanish language

Duration: 12 months 

Technical Commercial Level B2 

Wall Street Institute 

Location: Pistoia 


Duration 9 months - Level A2 

City of Pistoia - Anne Frank School 

Location: Pistoia 


Duration 18 months - Level B1 

Institute Filippo Pacini 

Location: Pistoia 


Self-taught - Level B2


Documentary filmmaker director


Organization: Festival dei Popoli 

Sponsors: Mediateca Tuscany 

Location: Florence 

Duration: 6 months